S.H.E. Christian Counseling Services

I am dedicated to supporting, honoring, and edifying all women in different seasons of their lives. Therapy services are offered to women who are motivated to address the issues and struggles they find themselves present in. I desire to support you through your journey, while honoring the beautiful creation that you are. I hope to create a space the offers encouragement and sound wisdom.

Our knowledge and wisdom continues to grow in areas of mental health and emotional wellness. In therapy for those who are Christian there is an integration of this wisdom and knowledge with the Word of God. 

In this world there is beauty, joy, happiness as well as struggles, hardships, and sufferings. Some of those challenges can come in the form of depressive feelings, anxious struggles, loss, trauma, neurological struggles, and repeated harmful generational patterns. 

I am paneled with multiple insurance companies: Aetna, Cigna, Asuris, Premera, Regence, TRICARE, United HealthCare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, medicaid plans and Washington health exchange plans. All services are offered through Telehealth to those who reside in the state of Washington.